Autumn 2021

For those of you who have followed me for any time during the last year, or indeed those of you who know me personally, this online venture of selling my own artwork and printed goods has been on my to-do list for quite some time. And finally I have managed to get things in order and to re-launch the online store after what feels like years. 

It all started in the summer of that cursed year 2020, when my regular work in live theatre all but dried up completely. Like all creatives, whose livelihoods depended in-person interactions, I found myself at a complete loss and unsure where to turn. I saw those around me who were furloughed from their places of work feeling somewhat at ease at least, but for my fellow self-employed artists and myself things got very bleak...very quickly. 

I spent the time I could over the late spring and summer of 2020 drawing. Being stuck in a very small flat in north London came with challenges, and drawing helped me relax, take my mind off the constant and seemingly endless list of things to worry about and give me a chance to play around with illustration purely for pleasure (as opposed to drawing to meet others requirements or a deadline). 

Over a year on from what, in retrospect, was a very dark time, things have changed drastically for me and my partner. We decided at the start of 2021, after a year of getting stuck apart from one another during various lockdowns, to up and move to my native home of Somerset. A welcome change for me after living in London for seven years, but a total leap into the unknown for my partner who has never not lived in some sort of city. 

With nowhere to live lined up, we put our entire lives into cardboard boxes and my parents managed to bring all of it down to the west country. After a month of frankly desperate searching, we found a little house to rent and have since bought a car and a kitten (his name is Moose and he may or may not get his own blog post sometime in the future). 

Over the course of the last year since I started drawing for myself I have discovered a lot about what I enjoy creating and sharing with others. It's taken longer than I had hoped to launch the site, now that my work in theatre has started coming back in drips and drabs, but I have learnt that creating things I think are beautiful and sharing them with others is certainly something I want to keep doing. I've put a lot of thought and love into creating what is on the website, and have more to come very soon. I really hope you enjoy what I've created. I also hope to continue writing blog posts (how very early 2000's of me) about things I am working on, my day-to-day life, and sharing the things I find beautiful or inspiring.